Training of your horse

Part of my daily training is not only the regular lessons with my students, but also the work with horses in need of correction and young, unexperienced horses. It goes without saying that I support riders with difficult horses, too. My goal is always, to find a solution that suits the age and training level of the horse.


Depending on the breed, some horses develop slower than others. Please don’t be deceived by the conformation. Take a closer look, to discover how developed your horse really is. Rarely, horses have completed teething or their growth, at the age of three.


I personally believe in beginning to work on a regular basis at an age where it doesn’t do harm to the horse, neither physically nor mentally. It is important to prepare the horse from the ground before putting weight onto its back.
At the Oberschwaig, in 86706 Weichering ( I can offer to board your horse during the fulltime training. The length of stay depends on the horse. A daily training session is provided five times per week.


Cost per training session: 45 € (inkl. MwSt)


I always try to get you as the owner involved in the training, so that you will be able to understand and therefore continue the further education.



There is no point in knowing something, when you cannot feel it.

Pia Neumayer


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